Clients Reactions

Clients Reactions

.. ‘I wanted to briefly say that I received several positive replies thanks to your letter. Since today I have a great job! Many many thanks!’

… “I have no comments, but I wanted to tell you briefly that the contact was very nice. Thank you!!!’

… ‘Continue so !!! Hopefully, more people will come to you, I will certainly advertise to you. ‘

… “Just keep going! I will advise everyone to contact you to get a really high quality letter. I would like to thank you very much for all you have done for me and keep you up to date! ‘

… ‘Great product, well designed and from the letter speaks a lot of enthusiasm. Hopefully you can maintain this good quality. ‘

… ‘No comment except to thank you. The letter has more than fulfilled my expectations and is really wonderful! ‘

… ‘A beautiful, clear-cut letter, briefly and without superfluous information.’

…’Keep it up!’

… ‘I think you have, at least in my case, done a good job.’

… ‘I think you are delivering a great product. I ordered a letter from you a while ago and am very satisfied with it. I was even invited to an interview. But I decided not to take the job because I did not agree with the wage. PS: I’ll let you know if I’m invited to another interview. ‘

… ‘I have no comments, but wanted to say that I was invited to a job interview! Thanks again for the letter. ‘

… “I have used your services several times and was always very satisfied. Go on like that!’

… ‘The letter is very original and corresponds to my expectations.’

…’My compliment!! Thank you!’

… ‘It would be nice if you could fill out the form online, but also download it and fill it offline. My compliment to the service. ”

… ‘Many thanks for the letter. I am very satisfied with the result and I am now looking forward to a new job. ‘

… ‘I’ve stumbled randomly on the internet about your company. I had never heard of you before. Maybe a little more advertising would be quite good. Otherwise, I wish you a lot of success with your company and once again many thanks for the great letter! ‘