If a client or customer is dissatisfied with our service, a complaint can be submitted. There is a regulation on the treatment of complaints. This means that the complaint must be submitted on the website using the form. is always striving to process complaints quickly and adequately.

Complaints Procedure

It is very important to have a good customer contact. Our services are geared towards raising interpersonal relationships hold and deepen. It can not happen that a customer is not satisfied.
In this case, we expect you to let us know so we can get a solution right away can be found. If it is not possible to find a solution, you can use the below formular and guide . This complaint guide was written to provide a general and understandable approach to all complaints about to define the services of letter-order.

The complaint

Article 1:
1.1. As a complaint, a written notification by letter, fax or e-mail of one present or former customers of letter – order, in which this letter order notifies that he is dissatisfied with a service. To this purpose, the customer can fill out a complaint form, which is online downloaded, completed and sent.
1.2. If it is not possible to submit the complaint in writing, letter order. The complaint form will then be sent by letter order and sent to the customer. The official the complaint will be processed only after the customer has signed the signed and dated form has been returned.

Submit a complaint

Article 2:
2.1. A complaint should be sent to the following address:
Directorate of letter order
Postbus 1417
9706 BK Groningen
Tel .: 0031-50-312 0413
2.2. A complaint shall be lodged within three (3) months after the occurrence of the appeal.
2.3. The facts must be presented as clearly and in detail as possible and must be accompanied by Name, address and telephone number of the customer.Moreover,clarification of the facts and detailed information on the grounds of appeal.

Handling the complaint

Article 3:
3.1. The order confirmation confirms the receipt of the complaint to the customer one (1) week and shall process the complaint within four (4) weeks shipping date. Within this period, the matter shall be investigated the customer may be asked for additional information or explanations.
In addition, the customer will have a response with a possible solution offer sent.
3.2. The period of four (4) weeks may be extended by the period of time customer required to submit additional information.
3.3. All complaints will be treated confidentially. However, if necessary or should be useful to other people or employees to solve the problem they are obliged to keep confidential. Confidentiality will be only if a legal duty exists.
3.4. If the situation so requires, letter order – if possible – in order to remedy the maladministration in the future.

Filing an application

Article 4:
4.1. If the customer does not receive a reply or a reply within the time limit set or has not agreed with the proposed solution or may submit the case to an independent expert.
4.2. This objection must be submitted within eight (8) weeks of the expiry of the after sending the reply or the proposed solution.
4.3. The appeal may be addressed in writing to Ms M. Gorter, Saxofoonweg 2, 1312 GC Almere,
Netherlands, Tel .: 0031-36-536 4473, Fax: 0031-36-535-0095, E-mail:
4.4. A prerequisite for the processing of the opposition is that it must be accompanied by a copy of the original complaint including any attachments,as well as a letter from which indicates that an answer or solution is not in good time. If a response is sent or a this copy must be accompanied by a copy,why this is perceived as inadequate.
Article 5:
5.1. The independent expert has completed a degree in jurisprudence and has been working for more than ten (10) years as a lawyer.
5.2. It is appointed undefined time by letter order, whereby integrity,expertise and independence are key selection criteria. In March everyone year evaluated letter canceling these points and decides whether the employment is continued. If this is not the case, becomes an adequate successor taken care of. The same applies to the case where the expert is not in a position to pursue its activities.

Treatment of an independent opposition

Article 6:
6.1. Each appeal is treated confidentially. The attorney confirms to the customer receive within one (1) week and send a copy of a letter with the please respond within two (2) weeks of the date of the opposition.
Employees of letter orders or other persons are only then if necessary or useful for the processing of the opposition is. This is for example the case when the employee is involved in the order were. They are committed to secrecy. Confidentiality is only
then if a legal duty exists.
6.2. The lawyer will investigate the case and, if possible, process it in writing. in the additional information or documents may be provided by the customer or the Directorate of Letter Selling. If the lawyer considers this advisable, the customer and the management of letter orders become a conversation with whom he is present.
6.3. Within eight (8) weeks after receipt of the opposition, the to make his reasoned decision on the appeal in writing to the scstomers and the management of letter orders. It is based on the Legal regulations, the valid contracts, the applicable jurisprudence as well as
of appropriateness and righteousness. The decision may be a Rejection or Recognition of the complaint. In the latter case, the lawyer may have a to request sufficient compensation or resolution of letters measures for prevention and mitigation in the future.
6.4. The lawyer archives all documents for inspection by all parties for the law fixed period.

Further instructions

Article 7:
7.1. This complaint does not relate to other measures of the customer and / or letter canceling, which occur in legal cases be taken. However, it is assumed that all parties involved in this
Notify and implement the complaint. If the customer at a the further processing of the complaint is no longer necessary or desirable, he shall immediately inform the Directorate of
Letter order (in the phase described in Article 3) or the lawyer (in the subsequent phase) in writing.
7.2. Both the customer and the letter canceling themselves carry all their own costs related to the complaint. BriefopBestelling also covers the costs and fees for the lawyer.
7.3. In order to protect the personal data of the parties involved, the lawyer shall comply with the Regulations of Data Protection Act in according Law.