1. I have not yet received my letter after 48 hours. What can be the cause?

Your letter has probably landed in your junk mail or in the ‘unwanted emails’ folder. Many mail programs have a strict spam filter against unknown e-mail addresses. Please check first if your letter has been received there. If this is not the case, you can e-mail or call us. We will send you the letter as soon as possible.

2. I prefer not to pay online. Is there another way?

Once your payment has been received, your order will be processed, with the online payment being the fastest. However, if you prefer to pay in the ‘traditional’ way, processing your order is delayed until the time when your payment has been received by us. This can take up to one week. If this delay does not pose a problem for you, you can also pay by conventional transfer.

3. Can I use a letter several times?

Once you have received the letter, it is your property. So you can do what you want. The same applies to a CV you order from us. You can also use it as often as you wish. 

4. You have issued an appealing privacy guarantee, but how can I be sure that the letter you write for me will not be sent to third parties?

All the letters we write will be saved under your name and with a special code of seven (7) working days. The underlying idea is that computer problems may cause reception problems. After the seven (7) working days the letter is deleted from our system. The special code does not allow your letter to land with another person.