Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of

Article 1. General Directives

1.1. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, terms in this
With the same effect as in the Netherlands
Privacy Policy (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens).
1.2. Personal data
Any information regarding an identified or identifiable natural person.
1.3. Processing of personal data
Any action or act concerning personal data; Including in any case the
Collecting, storing, arranging, editing, changing, inquiring, using, releasing
Sending, combining, and protecting and deleting data.
1.4. responsible
The legal person, alone or with others, the objective and the means for the
Processing of the personal data.
1.5. editor
The person who processes the personal data for the person responsible without directly
Whose authority is subject to.
1.6. User of personal data
The person who is authorized as an employee or other party to provide personal data
to process.
1.7. Involved
The person to whom the personal data applies.
1.8. customer
A natural or legal person who has placed an order for the letter.
1.9. Access to personal data
The employees who are directly involved in the reintegration program are authorized to do so
Personal data. These employees have in all respects
Information on the reintegration program.
1.10. third
Anyone who is not a party, a person in charge or an agent, or any other person
Person authorized directly by the person responsible or the person responsible,
Personal data.
11.1. Agreement of the party concerned
Any free, specific and information – based statement by which the
The processing of his personal data.

Article 2 Range

2.1. This regulation applies to any processing of personal data

Article 3 The objective of the processing of personal data

3.1. Brief order processing processes all data for the following purposes:
• Create tailor-made job letters and / or CVs for clients,
Who place an order for it.
This includes:
• The administrative processing of an order, including reporting and
To a potential client. The client has 24 hours
On the day inspection of various information regarding the orders placed above
This contracting authority.
• Compliance with statutory obligations (tax and social insurance
3.2. Personal data is processed exclusively for the above mentioned purposes.

Article 4 Processing of personal data

4.1. The responsible person has to ensure that the processing of personal data
And that the points laid down in this Regulation are complied with
become. Its action regarding the processing of personal data and the release
Of data are determined by this regulation.
4.2. The person responsible shall make the necessary arrangements to ensure the correctness and correctness
Completeness of the data. He is responsible for the necessary technical and
Organizational measures responsible for the loss or change of
Data as well as the access of unauthorized persons.
4.3. If the data processing is necessary, or if the responsible person is legally required
Obligations are subject to personal data for the execution of a
The party concerned is a party.

Article 5 Access to personal data

5.1. Exclusively the employees have access to the personal data, which these in the
Their tasks.
5.2. Everyone who has access to personal data is linked to this data
Obligation of secrecy.
5.3. Third parties, who have been commissioned by letter order, to carry out works
Access to the personal data, if required and will be contractually agreed
The obligation of secrecy.

Article 6 Protection of personal data

6.1. Personal data are treated carefully and secured for this purpose.
6.2. The responsible person establishes the security regulations for the personal data.

Article 7 Publication of personal data

7.1. Personal data may only be published with the permission of the person concerned.
Exception is the need to implement a legal regulation.
7.2. The reintegration office may be required, under legal regulations,
To pass on data from participants to third parties. This applies in the context of
Reintegration activities. This permission is not allowed by the parties involved
This applies, for example, to the feedback of data to municipalities or the
In the framework of the agreed