Tariffs of BriefopBestelling.info

Here you will find the tariffs we charge per letter together with our new service regarding giving services for Medical staff as Doctors,Patients,Nurses and so on.

The preparation of application documents is one of the costs that can be funded by the Agency for Employment. Thus our service is fully chargeable. If you are registered as a job-seeker or an apprentice-seeking individual help is provided, such as the costs for a “letter to order” from the placement buddy for (re) entry into the job.

However, you will only be eligible for a refund if you have completed an application. Please talk to your local agent.

Cover letters € 49.50
Curriculum Vitae € 49.50
Application & CV € 89.50
love letter € 49.50
In love € 49.50
Mourning € 49.50
Medical case € 49.50
Mini Medical Case Study € 49.50
Medium Medical Case Study € 89.50
Medicament’s Description € 49.50
Illness Description € 49.50
Other related Medical task € 49.50